Hey Ya'll, Welcome to my personal website. Decided to change things up a bit from having a Professional Work and Resume' site to one that is more me and what I am into so this will be a short visit! Look around and contact me using the contact form if ya think of something that would look cool on here. See Ya on the net.

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I am now and have always been an avid motorcycle enthusiast.
My riding experience began when my older Sister Carol and her Husband Larry decided to buy a 1960's or 70's something Honda CB 350.   Boy did I get a butt chewing for riding that thing over to the park in Saraland when Carol had told me to stay on our street only.  Good times!

As the years have passed by, my interest has changed on several of the activities I have gotten into.  One that has remained with me is Motorcycles.  From buying older bike's and tearing them down to restore, to buying older bike's just to ride.  The restoring phase of my love for motorcycles may have faded due to the cost involved but my love for riding has never and as long as I am able, will never fade.  Riding on two wheels through the country roads is the best, less traffic and greener views.  Interstate riding isn't much fun unless it is just for getting from point A to point B. I would prefer to ride when and where it is relaxing, open and with other's who enjoy the feel of the warm wind blowing by as you see America as it really is.  Country folks living the way they have chosen, with space around them and not being able to hear your neighbors fussing or seeing what your neighbors are doing.  That is country living and seeing it from two wheels is absolutely  the best.

When it comes to the size of a motorcycle, bigger is better (wink wink). Not all of the Bike's I have owned have been  big enough for anything other than local riding.  With my current ride, a 1600 Kawasaki Vulcan, yes a rice burner,  I can go on longer rides without having to stop to let the motor cool down and believe me, keeping up with some, you need a bigger bike.





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