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   My experience in  Maintenance, Inventory and Asset Contol, Warehousing, Facilities Operations and Safety Supervision in various industries has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills, with hands on use of Software programs to aide in the successful management of Business Activities. For the past 6 years I have worked with the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management System as a Functional Maintenance Planner, creating job and safety plans, PM Scheduling, Route Assigments and managing the assets of Warehouse items to be used in the Planning of Maintenance Activities.
Even though I am not contracting anymore, I still do Computer Repair and Software installation for those in need of my services around the Robertsdale Alabama area.  Virus removal, system backup and restoration service.  Also, I have a workshop where I do minor motorcycle repairs, make Custom Aluminum Flag Holders for all makes and models of Motorcycles.  

 Looking to Join your Team!

   This site has been created to showcase my background and experience to those employers who are looking for someone with the skills and motivation to come into their business and be a part of the Team. Skilled in Maintenance and warehouse activities with a computer technical background.  Life is all about learning and applying what one has learned to help others grow and be more productive.  I believe that my background would benefit a companies bottom line and I have what it takes to be a part of your Team.


Employer's who are looking for a skilled, reliable Maintenance Planner, Safety coordinator, Warehouse Supervisor or for a Functional Ibm Maximo Planner, contact me using the link on the contacts tab.  Please review this entire site to learn more about what I can bring to your Company. 

Located in Southern Alabama, in Robertsdale. Just a short drive to the beaches of Gulf Shores and plenty of clean family fun.  I am primarily looking for companies in the Southern part of Alabama, I will consider positions that are within a driving distance of 300 miles of my home.  However, for the right company I would be willing to travel on a W2 contract, if the right compensation is offered.


Support and Solutions

To Asset Management!


Kathy Hildebrand (owner-Arrow Solutions Group)

Tony is a truly motivated individual with an excellent work ethic. If he doesn't know something, he will figure it out and make it work. I would hire Tony again.” October 26, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity Kathy Hildebrand, Hired Tony as a IT Consultant in 2009

Ed Doherty (Site Manager)

Tony has a very smart sense of work management and an excellent backround in CMMS and Maintenance. He managed the Maximo cmms and personnel who assisted in the data entry into Maximo while stationed at our F.O.B. in Afghanistan. He is dedicated, trustworthy and I would hire him again to do most any job dealing with work control, safety and maintenance management.” June 13, 2010 Ed Doherty, Camp Manager, Fluor Government Projects managed Tony at Fluor Government Projects




For over 30 years, I have worked on a wide range of Maintenance, Material Control, Safety and Planning engagements in the Steel, Aluminum and Hospitality Industries with hands on experience and training in safety management, mechanical, electrical and facilities maintenance . My experience is in a broad array of industries including: Industrial Metal Production, Military & Federal Government; and Hotels & Hospitality. In addition, I have developed a broad working knowledge of business processes within Enterprise Asset & Material Management, Maintenance Management, Supply Chain and Labor Management. My current focus is on the implementation of Computer Maintenance Management Systems utilizing IBM’s Maximo and inputting data into all modules to form a complete work plan, including safety plans,materials and labor. I have been in the contracting business for the past 3 years and have served in Afghanistan, Iraq and the U.S. as an IBM Maximo Business consultant and work supervisor. My goal is to find permanent employment with a company offering steady, long term working relationship.


My skills in Maximo are as a coordinator and Superuser, with knowledge of MSSQL 2005 databases, Microsoft Server 2003. I have installed the demo database of both v6 and 7 and worked with developers to test new and existing configurations, scrub data and create work schedules, ect. I have also been in the physical maintenance field of equipment and buildings along with inventory control of parts used in maintenance and the warehousing of company assets. After reading my resume', you will note that the skills aquired have been from several industries and businesses from around the globe. Now is the time for all good men to stay home and work locally!

What else?

Understanding the complete package, makes me an ideal candidate for your Maximo, Maintenance or Safety Coordinator. I work well with IT personnel, managers, users and can help in the creation of your Training program. Knowledgable in creating reports in Crystal Reports, Actuate Reporting and using the Assignment Manager to Create Reports of Assigned Schedules .

Work Plans, Safety Plans, Preventative Maintenance Schedules

For Work Orders in Maximo

Skills Overview

To the left are a few Demos of the modules that are located in your Maximo Asset Management Program. This is not an all inclusive list of either the modules or my abilities to coordinate the program, however these are some of the major points when managing your assets or Maintenance needs.

As a Maintenance Coordinator, my skills are in creating a complete work package for doing corrective and preventive maintenance, parts inventory and Planning of of the work to be scheduled. Supervising the work and ensuring that employees complete the work on time and in a safe manner.

Coordination of Maintenance activities, parts inventory, Warehousing and Purchase Requisitions or Purchase Orders in Ibm's Maximo or any other CMMS program, enables a company to track the cost of doing business. As your Coordinator, I can help save you money by ensuring the work is being done and the cost is being managed.


View my Resume' and you will see that I have the "Hands on Experience" in the Repair and Maintenance of equipment and facilities as well as the Leadership Skills to control how and when the work should be done.

OSHA and Your Safety Program

Also to the left are a few web based training modules on safety. This is not a complete training package but just a demo of how I can improve and train employees on Safety issues.

Skilled in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook and Excell, Website creation and the use of other programs such as Camtasia Studio, Video creation and conversion, Safety Regulations and requirements.


Because OSHA requires all employees to be given safety training, I have included these to demostrate my knowledge and skills in this area as well.





Click on the picture to the left and it opens in Windows media player, you must have media player or another player that can play Windows Media Video files in order to view the presentation. This is just a simple demo of the work order with call outs explaining how to create the work order.


This demo is NOT a complete, "How To". This demo is to give you an idea of my skills. Sorry but Free Training can be found on the web.

A sample of one of my powerpoint safety presentations. Safety Plans in Maximo should reference any requirements that are in the Safety Training Program and classroom instruction is part of the overall training..

I not only am profienct in Maximo, but also in creating the Training outlines for Safety along with visual aids such as Powerpoint. Also writing Safety Manuals to comply with OSHA Standards. I am Certified in Hazard Communications as well as having a 40 Hour Hazwoper Certification.

You may need the Office Animation Runtime addin to view the presentation properly.
Depending on your screen size, you may need to adjust the presentation by Downloadmoving the divider(s) one way or another!


Training is a vital part of any Companies success and commitment to their employees. I can help in this area by not only creating the training programs but present them to the employees in a fashion that is understandable, complete and in compliance with the requirements of OSHA.Weather it's training employees in the use of Maximo, presenting Safety Training or Creating the Manuals for Safety and Standard Operation Procedures, I can help your company improve it's profitibility by increasing productivity through a complete job plan, reducing cost through tracking of downtime and preventitive maintenance to reduce that downtime or training employees in the requirements of OSHA and the companies commitment safety.

I would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you to discuss how my experience best meets your needs, My ideas on how to improve maintenance task, track preventive maintenance of equipment and build production teams that are pro-active may be of particular interest to you. My attached resume' and letters of recommendation are a good reflection of my experience, knowledge and commitment to getting the job done right and on time. I look forward to meeting you when a meeting can be scheduled at a convenient time.

Coordination of all

Company Assets


Russell Block, GM @ LaQunita Mobile, Alabama

I have had the pleasure of working with Tony Bertram during his time as Chief Engineer of the Holiday Inn Historic District in Mobile, Alabama. Tony was hired on to bring the hotel up to corporate standards and in a temporary position until the corporate inspections were passed. Tony quickly turned the Maintenance Department around into a well organized, well run and efficient operation. This saved the hotel literally tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, Tony Managed the Hotels HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) program and provided training to all Managers and hourly employees. Tony's attention to detail, initiative, dedication and job knowledge is without a doubt the best I have experienced in over twenty years in the hotel business. Tony also had a great repoire with not only his staff, but with all hotel employees. He has a great ability to teach those working in his department so that they may advance as well. I would highly recommend Tony Bertram, he is truly a tremendous asset to any establishment he is part of.


30 Cal       Parris Island 1975
3rd Recon BN 1975      Parris Island SC     

Contact Information


Employers who wish to contact me may do so through email or by sending me your position info through regular U.S.Mail service. Click on the map to go to yahoo maps and my location will already be found. Use the slider to zoom in or out. I also do PC repair work and can repair most computers, virus removal, software installation, file recovery or hardware problems. Call me for a estimate and prices.


I hope that I have provided you with all the info you need to get you interested in seeing more about my PC skills, weather it be Maximo, Computer Repair or Maintenance and Safety Management I can help your company reduce it's cost. Thanks for viewing my work and do come again. Tony Bertram

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Tony is a former Marine Corps Sergeant with management skills learned through the Command Career Counselor Course, taught at the Marine Corps Institute in Quantico, Va. Open to working for Private or Government Contractors anywhere in the world. A Marksmanship Instructor for 4 and a half years at Parris Island, S.C., able to supervise and manage large groups with professionalism, tack and dignity to accomplish the mission.